Visit to Chinatown (Postcode Project)

08th November 2018 22:19

I’m Iggy, come from China. I stayed in London for about two months and ate almost all the Western food in London. I feel my taste buds are very satisfied. However, I began to miss home cooking and I heard the name of Chinatown so I would like to see it. When I first arrived in Chinatown, the whole street was filled with lanterns, which were very bright. The red lanterns had a lively and festive atmosphere. Walking happily in the street, I saw from afar a tall archway with Chinese characteristics, carved with dragon patterns.

‘Gulu~’, I heard the sound of my stomach, took a deep breath, and smelled the fragrance of the food. Iquickened my pace to find delicious food all the way. There were all kinds of authentic Chinese dishes on both sides of the road, among which Hong Kong style restaurants were more. I came and saw a shop selling Baozi and roast string, which was very appetites to me. After entering the shop, I looked at the decoration style of the storefront, a little old Beijing flavor, simple and elegant. Inside the shop, there is a wooden flower-dressing barrier with ancient rhyme of ancient villages. On the barrier, there are bottles, cans of Chinese cereals and seasoning materials. Also there is a couplet on the wall and a lot of brands on the other side, if you need any dishes, you can turn over the corresponding brand, which has a unique flavor. I did not hesitate to order a classic meat baozi. In China, steamed baozi is an ancient traditional snake, which contains different fillings. And I usually eat breakfast with a bowl of soya bean milk and two baozi. The kebabs are mostly placed on the mobile stalls, so they can smell fragrant from far away, and I am greedy every time I smell it. There is also a wonton, wonton and steamed baozi have the same effect, which can be filled with different stuffing. This bowl of wonton is red, because I add chili and I like spicy food very much. As for other kinds of food, I’ll taste themlater. Finally make a comment. The steamed baozi is soft outside and filled with enough stuffing, it can produce gravy with one bite, it’s delicious. The roast string is very tasty. The wonton is a bit sweet but a little spicy for me. As a Chinese, I can eat so much authentic cuisine I like, and my mouth is very satisfied. Chinatown is a very charming place.

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