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31st October 2018 23:00

Last Thursday we went to Wellcome Collection museum. This museum is not very big, but there are many interesting things (a range of ideas about science and medicine) in it. It reflects the experiences and interests of scientists, doctors and patients. Within the huge field of medicine this exhibition attempts to focus on only a few topics: the body, genomes, obesity and living with medical science. And the three exhibitions — Living with Building, Medicine Now, Medicine Man.

Medicine Now on the second floor is an exhibition I like. First of all, a transparent woman appeared, showing all th organs, bones and blood vessels in her body. There’s a button at the bottom that corresponds to the organ, and press it to light it up so that I can know which organ is in the right place. And the plastinated body slice with frontal cut behind her. This body wasinstitute for Plastination, Hheidelberg. Approximately 70 per cent of our bodies consist of fluids. In this exhibit vacuum processes have been used toreplace them with various plastics that only decay extremely slowly. Specimens like this, donated by the individuals, are used in medicine for research and teaching purposes.


I also find this series of human X-rays very interesting. X-ray examination, as a common medical diagnostic method, has been widely used in clinical practice in China, especially in the case of bone fracture. But too much exposure can also cause damage to the body.





There is a more impressive person who is obese. The body might appears to be suffering from some kind of malignancy, as in cancer. When the human body consumes more calories than it consumes, the excess heat is stored in the body in the form of fat, which exceeds the normal physiological requirement and becomes obese when it reaches a certain value. We are hard to control this physical growth and outburst actually.


This exhibition will enable me to understand the knowledge of human body structure, medicine and so on. And I read a book in the museum, called The Sick Rose. There are many patients about medicine and diseases. And the following paragraph is a passage from this book:

The sick rose is a beautiful gruesome and strangly faschating visual tour through disease in an age before colour photography. This stunning volume, combining detalled illustrations of afficted patlents from some of the world’s rarest medical books.

I don’t know much about diseases, so when I read the contents of this book, it is unbelievable, there are so many strange diseases in the world. Like obesity, it is difficult for them to control their condition. I like this book so much, and I think this book is very appropriate for this exhibition. (Wellcome Collection&Thames&Hudson,2015)


The Sick Rose (2015). Wellcome Collection&Thames&Hudson. UK

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