20th October 2018 22:28

The deadline is two days away. I probably finished my outcome, and I did it with sreenprinting. This project is about characters, and I chose the letter D, D for dance. I made many versions of D, and made of different colors of paper. Also, I tried to print in different colors. I spent almost a week at workshop, feeling a little tired doing this, but I was happy to see the final product.

I get the inspiration from a movie called ‹‹ Black Swan ››. The protagonist Nina likes dancing, she loves ballet and she is eager to get a chance to perform. The White Swan she jumps is perfect, but the Black Swan she jumps is not as good as others. So Nina practices very hard. She needs to completely release her inner depression. She escapes from her mother’s control, breaks through herself, and finally interprets perfectly from the fragile White Swan to the strong and brave Black Swan.

I mean dancing is a happy thing, but there is always sweat behind it. It takes a lot of hard work to see good results. When you stand on the stage and become the focus, and show yourself perfectly, the inner world is colorful at that moment. Not just dance, everything is like this. I hope you all have colorful moments, so I use bright colors.

These are my outcomes ↑↑↑

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