Wellcome Collection

31st October 2018 23:00

Last Thursday we went to Wellcome Collection museum. This museum is not very big, but there are many interesting things (a range of ideas about science and medicine) in it. It reflects the experiences and interests of scientists, doctors and patients. Within the huge field of medicine this exhibition attempts to focus on only a few topics: the body, genomes, obesity and living with medical science. And the three exhibitions — Living with Building, Medicine Now, Medicine Man.

Medicine Now on the second floor is an exhibition I like. First of all, a transparent woman appeared, showing all th organs, bones and blood vessels in her body. There’s a button at the bottom that corresponds to the organ, and press it to light it up so that I can know which organ is in the right place. And the plastinated body slice with frontal cut behind her. This body wasinstitute for Plastination, Hheidelberg. Approximately 70 per cent of our bodies consist of fluids. In this exhibit vacuum processes have been used toreplace them with various plastics that only decay extremely slowly. Specimens like this, donated by the individuals, are used in medicine for research and teaching purposes.


I also find this series of human X-rays very interesting. X-ray examination, as a common medical diagnostic method, has been widely used in clinical practice in China, especially in the case of bone fracture. But too much exposure can also cause damage to the body.





There is a more impressive person who is obese. The body might appears to be suffering from some kind of malignancy, as in cancer. When the human body consumes more calories than it consumes, the excess heat is stored in the body in the form of fat, which exceeds the normal physiological requirement and becomes obese when it reaches a certain value. We are hard to control this physical growth and outburst actually.


This exhibition will enable me to understand the knowledge of human body structure, medicine and so on. And I read a book in the museum, called The Sick Rose. There are many patients about medicine and diseases. And the following paragraph is a passage from this book:

The sick rose is a beautiful gruesome and strangly faschating visual tour through disease in an age before colour photography. This stunning volume, combining detalled illustrations of afficted patlents from some of the world’s rarest medical books.

I don’t know much about diseases, so when I read the contents of this book, it is unbelievable, there are so many strange diseases in the world. Like obesity, it is difficult for them to control their condition. I like this book so much, and I think this book is very appropriate for this exhibition. (Wellcome Collection&Thames&Hudson,2015)


The Sick Rose (2015). Wellcome Collection&Thames&Hudson. UK


20th October 2018 22:28

The deadline is two days away. I probably finished my outcome, and I did it with sreenprinting. This project is about characters, and I chose the letter D, D for dance. I made many versions of D, and made of different colors of paper. Also, I tried to print in different colors. I spent almost a week at workshop, feeling a little tired doing this, but I was happy to see the final product.

I get the inspiration from a movie called ‹‹ Black Swan ››. The protagonist Nina likes dancing, she loves ballet and she is eager to get a chance to perform. The White Swan she jumps is perfect, but the Black Swan she jumps is not as good as others. So Nina practices very hard. She needs to completely release her inner depression. She escapes from her mother’s control, breaks through herself, and finally interprets perfectly from the fragile White Swan to the strong and brave Black Swan.

I mean dancing is a happy thing, but there is always sweat behind it. It takes a lot of hard work to see good results. When you stand on the stage and become the focus, and show yourself perfectly, the inner world is colorful at that moment. Not just dance, everything is like this. I hope you all have colorful moments, so I use bright colors.

These are my outcomes ↑↑↑

Snow white

20th October 2018 13:00

This Thursday we played the drama of snow white.


In the middle, Snow White dragged a lovely little apple and was guarded by the prince. In front of her, two dwarfs stood for her. The last stepmother looked at Snow White with evil eyes, revealing her ferocious grip through a magic mirror (actually a whiteboard), trying to murder Snow White and make herself the most beautiful person in the world. However, Snow White was saved by the good prince. The evil stepmother did not succeed.

Can you guess which one is me? Haha… I am a dwarf with my hair covering my face. And I think it’s fun.

What did i do in workshop

20th October 2018 13:25

#1: Screenprinting

The following chart is all the steps that must be done before doing screen printing.

Screening was one of the most interesting workshops for me, because it’s easy to do and I could print in different colors by printing the patterns I wanted on the screen. When I first did it, I put the wrong primer on it and the pattern couldn’t be printed, but it took me an afternoon to do it all over again, I felt very tired. So before screening, remember every step or ask the teacher if you don’t understand. The teacher is very nice and will help you a lot.

#2: Letterpress

IGGY—It’s my name. There are different types of alphabet models in this workshop. I just chose two types of letters.First, placed them on a suction tray.Then, put them in sapcing with different sizes of EM. Finally pushed the cylinder into a printer to print them out, and allowing different textures to be done on the letters.

#3: 3D workshop

In fact, I haven’t done this workshop yet. I just had a lesson and the teacher talked a lot about how to do it and how to use different materials. I’ll do it the next time if I get a chance.

#4: Printmaking

I carved out the pattern I wanted on the paper, and then I mixed the colors and printed it. This picture on the left is the first time I printed it, I feel the color is not very good, next time I will try other color matching. The right one is printed with stencils. The stencils are colored first and then printed on the machine of the corresponding size and I set it in different directions. By the way, be careful when printing, the machine is a bit heavy.


14th October 2018 19:54

This picture was created by Jeff Wall in 1982. At first glance, it was like taking picture in the street. But in actual fact, these tree guys are the actors who were invited by Wall.
Jeff Wall said he just observed people’s behaviors and manners when he went out,and no camera equipment. After observation, the content can be restored by setting the scene and deducing the content.

In Mimic, the imitator of the unfriendly expression looks like a tragic figure in Jeff Wall. The person in this picture can be seen in the front of the body. Behind the characters is an open ground. He uses “Cinematography” to hight the theme he wants to express.

Two outcomes sharing ideas

07th October 2018 22:10

Halfway through the project, I thought about two outcomes and talked to my classmates last Friday. I do the letter D, D for dance. I think dancing is a happy thing,and I hope people can enjoy it. Although the meaning is very shallow, but to make yourself happy with everyone is a very meaningful thing.

The first idea is inspired by reading the book ‹‹typographica››. I want to make screnprinting with D for dancing in the dark, but my classmates suggest that I do video. Well, I will consider it.

Another idea is finger dancing. I saw a video on Pinterest,and their’s fingers are very flexible. I try to do it, but it’s too hard!