Succeed in Escaping

27th September 2018 21:27

This story is about a corkscrew trying to escape to see the colorful world outside.

The story begins:

One day, the bottle opener realized that he was locked in a cabinet, and was tired of looking around in the dark all day. He stood in the bleak light and looked at his reflection, thinking he should see more of the world, so he decided to escape from the cabinet.

He knocked hard on the cabinet door while the owner was away, and the cabinet opened. He climbed all the way along the wire. Halfway up, the owner suddenly came back. The owner saw the broken cabinet door and saw him climb out.

He hurried down the wire and quickly hid in the water bottle pile, but he was a step late and caught by the owner. He was very angry, overturned the water bottle in a fit of anger, the water flowed out, and touched the wire wrap.

The electric current entered his body, slowly moving… He fell to the ground and never woke up.

His soul was floating in the air, and he saw the colorful world through the window. He finally smiled.

Impression of LCC

22nd September 2018 23:09

This is my school—LCC ↑

My first impression of LCC was the gathering of a group of thinking artists.

In these two weeks, I make some new friends, and each of them has his own style. Teachers are very friendly and professional, they make me feel an active learning atmosphere. We have many printing classes, such as screenprinting, printmaking, ect. Also, I find very nice that we can use different printing equipment.

The first screenprinting i made







We can do discuss together in the group, go out to sketch, and do some lovely things.

3D workshop
Painting with light







Genarally, I can experience a lot of interesting things that I can’t experience before.

Mummies, British Museum

16th September 2018 19:38

On the tenth day in England, I arrived in British Museum on an open double -decker bus.

I’m going to appreciate the collections with  a long history of each countries and different cultures.

The Great Count, it’s located in the centre of teh British Museum and opened in December 2000, is teh lagerst roofed square in Europen. The top of the square is made up of 3312 pieces of glass.

There are many collectibles in British Museum.

Here’s a highlight of one of my favorite Egyptian pavilions, which have a lot of bandaged mummies, these are all well preserved and very exquisite.

Ancient Egyptians believed that after death, their souls would not die, but would still cling to corpses or statues. Therefore, Pharaoh and others were mummified.